Saturday, November 11, 2006

Tips on Simplifying your Holidays

1. Order last minute gifts online or through a catalog. (At this point, you'll have to pay extra for rush shipping, but it's money well spent.)
2. Delegate chores. Surely you're not the only one who knows how to wrap a gift or follow a cookie recipe.
3. Buy pre-made cookie dough and personalize with your own decorations.
4. Treat yourself and your family to maid service over the holidays.
5. No time to send out your annual Christmas card or newsletter? Send New Year's cards instead.
6. As holiday cards come in, don't toss them into a pile. Display them around doorways, store them in a pretty basket or string attractive ribbon across a room and attach the cards with small clothespins. After the holidays, sort through them and keep only the sentimental and meaningful. Store in a "memory box" and toss the rest.
7. Still longing to host a holiday fete but feel discouraged by the late date? Forget invitations and formality. Send out e-mail invitations for a wine and cheese gathering or a small potluck.
8. Can't afford maid service for the holiday party? Just clean the area the party will be in and close the doors to the rest of the house.

Ultimately, remember to relax, have fun and enjoy the true spirit of the holidays.